Saturday, December 20, 2008

my Christmas wish list

my Christmas wish list for 2009
1. that our economy doesnt sink into depression, that by some combination of Federal Reserve and Treasury Department intervention, we "only" have a deep recession. that by this time next year, the light can be seen at the end of the economic tunnel. that capitalism survives this watershed crisis, although it's a given it will be a much more regulated form of capitalism.
2. that before half an hour after sunset January 11, 2009 i am making a trip towards the taxidermist with a Tennessee whitetail buck worth mounting. if not the deadline can be extended to December 31, 2009.
3. that my tendons joints and muscles survive so i can successfully compete in the Scenic City Half Marathon February 28, 2009, my first half.
4. that in light of the 2006 and 2008 elections Evangelical Christianity will take stock of itself and refocus its efforts on advancing the Kingdom which is not of this world, instead of the fleeting makeshift kingdom of Washington DC whose foundations are built on sand.
5. that Rich Rodriguez will beat a trail down those country roads which take him home to the place he belongs West Virginia and someone can restore Wolverines football to the competitiveness we deserve and have come to expect.
6. that Lord Stanley continues his reign from his throne in Hockeytown for another year starting in June.
7. that some combination of heroes and villans emerge to give Nascar fans something to be excited about. that we dont have to waste an entire Sunday afternoon each week only to see 48 and 18 win. that something will pique our interests besides driver sponsor and team changes. that the enduring legacy of the Intimidator at DEI isnt squandered by bad business practices, inferior equipment, and inferior talent. that Mark Martin will finally retire. that someone will tell Larry Mac that "hisself" is not a proper third person singular masculine reflexive pronoun.

merry christmas (not merry nondescript nonreligious unoffensive winter holiday) from the scenic city.

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