Saturday, December 20, 2008

the Nascar Network ?

it's a rainy Saturday in Tennessee. too wimpy to hunt in the rain. already ran this morning. Christmas shopping done. mall allergies in full swing. maybe there's an NFL game to watch, since college is done until bowls. where is the sports section...

oh cool, Cowboys host Ravens tonite. final game in Texas Stadium. Ravens are tough, Cowboys vying for a wild card spot. plenty of drama with them lately. what time? NFL Network? what?

no i dont have the NFL Network. no i dont ever plan to. i already cant stomach paying $50/month (not including a laundry list of taxes) for regular cable (which used to be $35 a few years back, a compound rate of increase at least twice that of the rate of inflation but dont get me started).

so i got to thinking, hmmm, if the NFL can have their own network and you have to pay to watch a few games, cant Nascar too?

if this sounds like Brian France thinking, with apologies to a certain green animated Christmas character: Then Brian got an idea. An awful idea. Brian got a wonderful, awful idea.

and all the Whos down in Raceville will not be joining hands in a circle and singing. any more than they were when Nascar veered off onto fx for some reason, or TNT. but I can see this happening since Nascar seems to suffer from a case of sports envy with the NFL. like a younger brother who tries just a little bit too hard.

i hate to miss tonights game, but i will. just like i will miss any races on the Nascar Network.

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