Sunday, February 22, 2009

California, Here We Come

Congrats to the 17 on back to back wins. What is not to like about this guy? They laugh about him being a robot, or clocking in with his lunchpail. I think of him as a surgeon, quietly methodically going about his business. If his new crew chief isn't from Wisconsin, he'll need language lessons. A native Michigander myself, I could hardly understand Kenseth and Reiser on the radio. A good battle at the end between 2 fallen champions in a long drought for wins. I expected some scoffing about my optimistic predictions for the 24 after last year's mediocre performance. No scoffing but that team seems to have it together again, like it or not. I just have this sense...

Not a bad race, at least for California. We've seen the show stunk up so many times out there. As the race began late as the sun was setting in the eastern time zone and then 3 rapidfire cautions for rain, I thought I would have to miss Desperate Housewives, but alas, another award show of some kind was on, so no complaints as long as we finished by my bedtime. Only 1 caution for an on-track incident was amazing, too bad it had to be Harvick. How about the beautiful snowcapped mountains off the backstretch. Evened out the empty seats on the frontstretch. They should change the seat colors from yellow and red so its not so obvious.

I'm glad the Fox pit reporters don't wear those stupid firesuits that ESPN makes them wear. Are reporters susceptible to spontaneous combustion? Bergren might look OK in one, with his hat. Speaking of firesuits, how cool is Delana Harvick in her firesuit? Beats the heck outta the usual fashion parade among the driver wives and chickadees. That chick is into it.

How about Angie Harmon on the flagstand going crazy? That was awesome. She is admittedly gorgeous, married to a cool former NFL player, and was part of my favorite cast among the many iterations of Law & Order. But lap after lap going nuts on the flagstand as the field came by--excellent.

Jr had an honest interview with DW in the pre-race. He mostly copped to last week's mayhem and DW pressed him but not too hard. OK we can all move on from that nonsense.

Shout out to the mentions of some of our favorite racing movies. Last week Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise driving the pace car. This week to Stroker Ace in an trivia question and even Clyde Torkle's Chicken Pit mentioned on air!

Finally, what are the odds 2, count em, 2 Hendrick motors give up in the same race, let alone on the same lap. Incredible. And it was the wrong 2 Hendrick motors too... Members of Jr Nation must be shaking their head with dread. Is the season shot after 2 races? Is this team made of what it takes to come back from such a deficit? Our local paper's Nascar columnist suggested a certain former car owner, former HMS Cup champ crew chief (currently unemployed) might be available and fit the bill for what that team needs. Um I don't see that happening. But one of the Jr / Jr combo needs to go, unless they suddenly figure out this isn't shorttrack Saturday night. And I'm guessing it won't be the one who sells the merchandise.

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