Sunday, February 15, 2009

Commercials, Pit Stops & Cautions

In most sports, TV goes to commercial during time-outs--you know, so you don't miss any action.

No no, not Nascar. Besides cautions, the closest thing we have to time-outs are pit stops. Yet we will leave live green flag racing for commercial to make sure we can see time-out pitstops live!??! Like going to commercial before 3rd down to make sure we can see the punt team run on the field.

I don't understand this. Granted every now and again something cool happens during a pit stop, guys get forced to the grass on exit, car falls off a jack, or a tire gets away and leaves a giant dent in someone's nose. Or even something not so cool like a pit crew member gets nailed. But most pit stops are routine and there's nothing to see except who took fuel only, 4 tires, 2 tires etc. Why do we leave green flag racing for this? Those details can be recapped later, besides during the live pit stop we only get to see or hear about a couple cars anyways, unless you're following the leader you won't know what your car did.

I propose we take long commercials during yellows (unless the flashing lights on the pace car do something for you) and come back from commercial and show who changed position and who took 2 vs 4. If something interesting happened, show a quick replay.

And I further propose we don't leave green flag racing just to cover pit stops. If pit stops fall during the live window, fine. Otherwise, show the racing, not 3 cars getting jacked up on a split screen.

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