Sunday, February 15, 2009

The D500

Well, the 2009 Daytona 500 is history.

You hate to see any race end with rain. Worse yet in person (my only trip to the Southern 500) so I will not complain.

Congrats to Matt Kenseth, one of the good guys. The kind of guy I could see myself being friends with if we went to church together or he was a working stiff living next door. He put himself in a position to win. He narrowly missed disaster and snuck thru the big one. But I do not understand why the 19 rolled over and let him pass for the lead. Sounded on the radio like the 19 was not mentally tough which might have had something to do with it.

Congrats also on the excellent debut of Richard Petty Motorsports.

Well the topic du jour has to be the 88 wrecking the field. He had about an hour to cook up an explanation and it was actually pretty good, convinced the Fox booth at least. Clearly he wrecked the 83 and a bunch of leaders along with him. Unexcuseable. I wish he would own up to his little temper fit, but again, he can't admit to everyone he did it. They all know it anyways. While I disagree with the Fox pre-race statement that Jr is running out of time to win a Championship and the talent pool is not exactly deep right now, this is not the way to launch a run for the Championship.

I think the Bass Pro Shops Chevy needs to head on down to BPS and buy a big sharp knife to cut the rope holding the boat anchor they dragged around all day.

On to California, er Fontana, er Auto Club Speedway.

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