Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Prediction Time

It is time for the annual ritual of engaging in futile picks & predictions. For a couple years this has gone on in the privacy of and under cover of email but now we are exposed for all the world to see. Let's just dive in, shall we:

Daytona 500 champion 24 (pains me to admit it)
Rookie of the year 20

First to be fired Eric Almirola by Morning, replaced by Rochester Hills, MI's own Brad Keselowski.

Biggest overachiever 14. how do you vote for Tony to be the biggest overachiever when he is a legit contender every season? I guess what I'm saying is he is going to shock us with his performance in year 1 of ownership of a formerly 3rd tier team. But there will be some interesting moments along the way without Dr. Zippy the pharmacist to dispense the zanex. Honorable mention to the 5. I wish he would retire already but the cat can still drive and will be in the best equipment in the series.

Biggest underachiever 07. Anyone ever been a loyal productive employee and been leapfrogged by the new guy in the company org chart... put Clint back. After this season the rumor mill will be suggesting the same. Runner up for this award is 26 who will make Roush's little game of Survivor (CBS Thursday 8 pm) a little easier. "Jamie, the tribe has spoken."

Good driver who cant seem to get a decent ride: Dave Blaney. Somebody give this guy a shot please.

Bad driver who seems to hang around like a bad penny in good equipment: David Stremme.

Will the following 2nd tier (or lower) win a race in 2009:
AJ Almondjoy nope
Sam Sideburns Hornish nope
Kasey Kahne't yep
Brad Keselowski nope
Bobby Labonte nope
Sliced Bread Lagano nope
Mark Martin yep
Casey Mears nope
Paul Soulpatch Menard nope
JPM nope
Flyin Ryan yep
Gipper 6 nope
Ewwiot Sadwer nope
Gipper 78 nope
Reed Sorespot nope
Scott NoSpeed nope
Martin T-Rex yep
Brian FullofBull Vickers nope
Mikey Waltrip nope

Cool new paint scheme award 31. runner up to 44.
Awful new paint scheme award 6.

Drum roll please:
Cup champ 99 (he is so due)
2nd 24
3rd 5
4th 11
5th 48
6th 88
7th 18
8th 31
9th 29
10th 17
11th 14
12th 1

Gentlemen start your engines!

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