Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Bristol Baby

Well it was a Bristol baby, as in sleeping like a baby. I will reserve space for fellow crew chief TMC who was there in person but from the comfort of my living room, it was a beautiful spring day outside and there was plenty of March Madness to flip to, both of which were more interesting than this race.

Now I'm not like my casual racefan buddies, who hate the new track and think it's boring because there's not enough wrecks. I don't get any mileage out of wrecks, except for the interesting drama of tempers flaring and the points shake up. But this race was a snoozer. Another 3 hours (at least it wasn't 4+) watching Shrub dominate and at least the best car won. And not 1 of our blogpoll voters got this one right...and banktruck taking Harvick got it wrongest.

Now back to the brackets....

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