Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Week's Installment of Madcar

Allow me to coin a term: Madcar. Not Angrycar, but Insanecar, as in a British "surely you are mad." This week's edition is a tie between, well, two likely suspects: Bruton Smith and Kurt Busch.

Madman #1
Bruton Smith wants NASCAR to yank its final race of the season out of south Florida.

"Why have the last race of the season at some Godforsaken area just north of Cuba?" he said, referring to Homestead Miami Speedway. Atlanta's fall race shifted a few weeks earlier in 2002 and this year it moves to an even earlier spot on Labor Day weekend. While plagued by weather issues when held in November, Smith said his track would still be a better location for NASCAR to hold the final race than Homestead.

Interesting. Anyone remember Atlanta being snowed out, let alone rained out and cold frequently? Reference to Cuba? Miami is one of the 10 biggest American cities. What is Mad Bruton thinking? Ahhh, he tips his hand, read on:

"If they'll give us our date back," he said, "we'll fill up the place again and do something major for the sport. If that doesn't work, put it in Las Vegas. We'll add more seats — and sell out every one of them."

AHA! Any flies on the wall (screen) before the creation of this blog would know this has been a topic of conversation. A fairly predictible ploy to move the season ender to a) an SMI track and b) somewhere with more glitz. TMC has even suggested they might move the awards dinner to Vegas. Kudos to fellow crew chief.

Madman #2

You may have seen my post last week about why I would rather see engine failures than tire failures. At least the blame can be put on manufacturers and teams. Not so fast banktruck, enter Kurt Busch, himself a victim of engine failure at Vegas:
"Goodyear should be congratulated for the tire it brought last week," said Kurt Busch, who had his own mechanical problems. "We got to RPMs we didn't expect to get to. I think we were running about 9,800. That's a lot of RPMs for an engine. I don't think you saw more than 9,600 last year. It caught some teams off guard."

So, it is Goodyear's fault again! Nice try Kurt. Anyone see any 9800s last week? I didn't. At least Tony isn't in on this one (yet).

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