Sunday, June 28, 2009

Racin, Rains & Sliced Bread

I am returning to my post as assitant crew chief after serving my suspension and paying my fine for having a baby. Yes bloggerland Banktruck Jr entered the world 1 month ago today, healthy, active, and holding up three fingers. In the mean time the Red Wings faltered in the Stanley Cup Finals, succombing to an incredibly talented Pittsburgh Penguins team, that emerged twice from the brink of extinction in the earlier rounds. The Wings havent lost a Cup Finals since 1995, having won the 4 times since. We Wings fans are spoiled, but that doesnt lessen the pain of giving up game 7 at home, the first time since the 1971 Canadiens won game 7 in the finals on the road. Incidentally in the other major sports, the most recent team to win a title on the road in a game 7 was the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates. Way to re-write the record book Red Wings. But alas, there was racing today.....

Quite possibly the best NH race I can remember. I've never been enthralled with this track or the racing there, I've always considered it throwing a bone to the New England media market. It also has the dubious distinction of claiming the lives of Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin and a god-awful knee-jerk reaction restrictor plate race with about 4 passes in the entire field all day. But today was different.

From the start the 2 insisted on running the 24 like there were 10 to go. I couldnt decide whether I wished they would wreck together, or keep up the exciting racing. Three wide, sometimes four wide, unheard of at NH. I cringed for RCR when 3 of their cars were wadded up in the same wreck not of any of their doing. This team cant catch a break. And the 1, oh the 1, lime green today, light bulbs last week, and the nose crunched again. I hate to put the final nail in the DEI coffin but this guy has too much talent to continue to waste it there. I only hope he doesnt get desperate and go somewhere else. But I do hope he dumps the 18 some time. Actually I hope anyone dumps the 18 some time.

So what is your home track? Apparently one takes a map and a push pin, and whichever Cup track is closest BINGO is your home track. Today we learned Truex and New Jersey are in New England (!) and NH is his home track. Later we learned Logano who is from CT's home track is NH as well. Like Sterling Marlin's was always Bristol...... and Jeff Gordon gets 2 -- Sonoma and Indy. This is out of hand. Most of these guys' home tracks are little out of the way dirt bull rings where dads tow cars behind pickups that serve double duty as work truck during the week. Enough with the "home track" already.

And the grammar police were out in my living room today but alas I didnt write it down and I have slept since, er, no I havent, I have changed 2 diapers and listened to immense quantities of screaming since then. If TMC has an idea of the latest grammar faux pas (along the lines of 'hisself") let me know.

You Petty fans skip this next paragraph. I like Kyle and all, but he needs some coaching on his boothness. "You know what I mean" should be limited to oh a dozen usages per broadcast. And he could stand to shorten his comments just a tad, make your point, stop, dont rehash conclude and wrap up.

And after nearly 301 (what the) miles of racing, the winner is: the Rain. After watching the best wheel men in the sport duke it out (2 14 24 48 among others) in close quarters with just enough rubbin to get Wally to sound like a girl.... Newman runs out of gas and young Joey Logano takes the checkers. Let me be clear--I have no problem with this kid. None. He is young, he has talent, he would have scorched the Busch series if he had time to stay there and he has been thrust into a marquee ride and has a great attitude. How about Kyle Busch without the shoulder chip--I will defend the comparison. I hope he gets a new nickname, the Sliced Bread is a little derisive for my taste but it will have to do for now. Congrats to him and his team on the youngest driver ever to win a Cup race. There will be others. Many.

Gotta go I think I hear crying again....

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