Sunday, July 5, 2009

Daytona Fireworks

Wow what an ending. Could back to back plate races be scripted better for copycat endings?

Have I mentioned I love plate racing? An even though I am a Talladega regular and have only been to Daytona once (the 2004 500 won by Dale Jr), I do like watching Daytona better because handling becomes an issue so the pack gets a little strung out and the cream rises to the top.

This year's installment of the Rotating Soft Drink 400 was a fairly calm race but the times it wasnt calm, it had dramatic impacts. The early right rear virus on 00 17 77 and 42 didnt spread to the rest of the field. I think we all had a "oh no not tires again" moment. Midrace mini big one on the backstretch harmed several notables, including the bad luck RCR cars again. I believe it was mentioned that everyone coming into the race 10th thru 15th in points was involved in some sort of trouble. And then the finish...

First of all, like Talladega, I'm glad everyone was OK, fans included. After the initial crash of the 18, as the fog of smoke and debris rolled into the grandstands where fans inexplicably were up against the fence, my jubilation at Smoke winning and Shrub losing in dramatic fashion turned to concern for both drivers and fans. It looked for a second to me that a car was up in the catch fence where the fans were but fortunately that was not the case.

What's not to like about the new and improved Tony Stewart, points leader, multiple wins for a brand new owner/driver team. And a fairly subdued Stewart in the media room afterwards, not gloating at Busch's misfortune (of his own doing), but stating the obvious, both drivers were doing what they are paid to do to win. And not to disappoint, prima donna Shrub had a post-race temper tantrum worthy of a toddler. Contrast Edwards' professionalism after Talladega.

Here is a link to the video of the final laps.

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  1. I think the only Petty car not wrecked last night was the Pony-ack The King drove on the pace lap.