Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Driverless Again.......

Oh Martin Martin Martin, what have you done. MWR?

My fellow crew chief TMC is rarely wrong. And I told him all the reasons Truex would NOT go to MWR. I was wrong, sadly so.

I dont blame Truex for jumping the sinking ship of what used to be a formidable racing organization. But he has too much talent and sponsor appeal to jump into a seat better reserved for guys trying to claw their way into Cup or clinging to the bottom rung of a ladder in their later years (Bobby Labonte comes to mind).

He would have fit at RCR or Stewart Haas. And that would have kept him in a bowtie. I dread the first commercials of him opposite goofy Michael selling car parts or hawking buy here pay here furniture with low monthly payments.

So I am driverless again. Suggestions welcome.


  1. You shoulda taken advantage of that free NAPA hat a few months ago. Could have surrendered your BPS relic.

  2. Join me in being a "Smoke" Fan. Just remember, I didn't just jump on the bandwagon either. I was cheering for Smoke when he was slingin dirt with the sprint cars even before the Indy Cars. Signed, DT38