Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Tricky Triangle?

I like Pocono. Family owned and independent. 3 (not 4) very different corners that challenge driver and crew chief alike, including the likes of Bobby Allison and Jeff Gordon in dramatic wrecks. Triangle design. Looooong straightaways that challenge engine builders to find enough torque to pull off the corner with enough speed at the end of the straights and surviving a long day of high sustained RPMs. 4 or even 5 wide on the frontstretch. Even some drafting. Old school interstate-style guardrails on the inside of the Long Pond straight where more than 1 driver has ended up on top the guardrail.

But the nickname? Are they that desperate? The Tricky Triange... I'm OK with the Lady in Black, the Track Too Tough to Tame, and the Monster Mile. But the Beast of the Southeast and the Tricky Triangle seem a little bit like your friend in junior high that didnt leave "funny enough" or "cool enough" alone and pushed it to where it was neither funny nor cool.

Nickname aside, I'll take it over cookie cutter 1.5 mile ovals any day, even if the field gets strung out for most of the day.

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  1. So maybe Michigan should brand itself as "Motown Motorway". Or Vegas as "Home of Sin City Speed". Or Kansas City as "Tornado Terror". Or Chicagoland as "Well, we're not really in Chicago, but at least we ain't in Cleveland."