Sunday, December 6, 2009

A look back, and a bit forward

I'm starting to think about next year's prognostications, in light of the "excellent" job we did for 2009. Some time has gone by since those predictions, hundreds of miles run, and an adorable future racehockeyhuntingfootball fan added to the family. So I dont remember exactly why I picked Cuzzin Carl to win the Cup in 2009, other than he is talented, reunited (and it feels so good) with Bob Osborne, is part of the Roush machine, and I am convinced he will win the Cup during his career. Maybe I will just keep picking him until he does.

Apparently I did not anticipate the Roush machine taking some steps backwards this season. Apparently both of us did not anticipate RCR taking some major steps backwards this season. Did anyone see either of these coming? I doubt it.

Roush and RCR have been on a roller coaster for several seasons. Some years everyone in the Chase; some years none. Which makes predicting next year very dangerous, as both organizations seem to emerge like the Phoenix without warning. But pause for a moment in light of this, to consider the consistency of HMS. Dont get me wrong, I dont like that bunch one bit, but you absolutely have to respect what they have done, while other powerful, experienced, and well-funded teams ride the roller coaster.

Remember a few seasons ago when Toyota was first entering the series, there were sometimes 5 or 6 quality teams going home each weekend. Now we have 5 or 6 field fillers each weekend.

Finally while I am pondering predictions, let me go on record with this one: Kevin Harvick leaves RCR after the 2010 season, merges KHI with Stewart-Haas forming Stewart-Harvick Racing, drives a 3rd Cup car for them, and instantly brings SHR competitiveness in the lower 2 series. KHI is an impressive organization, and with his buddy Tony's success, you gotta think Kevin and Delana are ready to go Cup racing.

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  1. I had no clue you had picked cuzzin carl to win it all in 2009. Pretty sure you just earned major cool points in my book! :)
    - Kristi