Monday, May 14, 2012

Tribute fail

I'm glad Cale got into the most recent HOF class--he was a tough guy, a great driver, and part of an important bridge for the sport from "old school" to "new school."  Plus he was sponsored by two of my all-time favorite consumables:  Busch and Hardee's. Not to deflect from any other beverages which are showcased here on this blog, but the 11 team ran a "tribute" scheme at Darlington Saturday night (punctuation intentional).

Mike Joy did his best to fulfill his obligations and read his cue card with something like this: the 11 team is running a tribute to Cale Yarborough tonight, except, well, it's red instead of blue and white numbers instead of gold, but it does have a stripe down the side.  The trained eye might even see mountains on the red hood. The trained mind might even envision a barber chair atop the mountains.

Cale we're glad you're getting the attention you deserve, in spite of cross-threading Nascar's bolt. I just wish the "tribute" could have been more appropriate.

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  1. Agreed,It would have made more sense to use the 73/74 Kar Kare design since that car was already red and white,and I believe Cale won the Southern 500 both those seasons as well.