Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ESPN - NASCAR Friend or Foe?

Anyone checked out the changes to the front page of ESPN.com lately?

Notice anything missing? How about a direct link to NASCAR? This change is courtesy of 1 of the 2 major supporting networks for NASCAR TV coverage. Actually, I'm not so much offended by the dropping of NASCAR from the main sports bar as I am by their inclusion of SOCCER. Are you kidding me? Are we gonna have THAT debate again?

To link to NASCAR coverage, the user needs to click All Sports and then NASCAR in the 2nd column. Yes - there it is - in the same column as prep sports, MMA, and the WNBA. But at least it didn't land in column "C" amongst poker and bass fishing so the France family at least has that going for them.

I visited FOXSports.com - NASCAR's other major TV partner - to see what it looked like these days. NASCAR still merits real estate amongst the big boys of sports at their site. They also had some story about "Change We Need". I didn't read it, but I've got a pretty good hunch its not about ESPN.com's re-design.


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