Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011-2012!

The Schaefer Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor hopes everyone enjoyed a Merry Christmas. And wishes go out for a rewarding 2012. Be sure to ring in the new year with plenty of Schaefer!

SHOFer Uncle Dave with his Major Award

For my part, I made sure Santa was taken care of as I loaded the trunk with gifts for others.

As the stockings were laid by the fireplace with care, I thought Santa might enjoy a cold Schaef as a welcome break from all the boring glasses of milk left for him throughout the world.

The next morning I awoke to find out my hunch was right! The lumps of coal were left for my father-in-law who greedily left an oversized stocking and doubted my efforts to reward Schaef Nick with a cold one.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29 - This day in Petty history

1963 - Richard Petty earns his 28th career victory by winning the Sunshine 200 at Savannah Speedway in Georgia. Richard's brother and Petty Enterprise teammate, Maurice Petty, finishes 4th.

The race was held in December 1963 (cue The Four Seasons!) but was scheduled by NASCAR as an early race of the 1964 Grand National season. As noted in the article below, the race - originally touted as the Turkey 200 - was scheduled for November 28. The race was rained out on its originally scheduled date plus two make-up dates before finally being renamed and run on December 29. Only a December 30, 1956 race at Titusville, FL has eclipsed the 1963 Sunshine 200 for a NASCAR GN/Cup race run latest in a calendar year.

Article courtesy of Jerry Bushmire

Edited December 28, 2014

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1971 Schaefer 500

On July 3, 2010, I blogged about the inaugural 1971 Schaefer 500 Indy car race at Pocono. In combing the web for information about the race, I thought I uncovered some neat photos from the race, a scan of the race program, and some trivia nuggets.

Tonight, however, an extra bonus was made available - a YouTube clip from the race. With Bud Lindemann narrating, the episode does a great job of featuring vacationers in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and the yeoman's efforts of all involved in finishing construction on the new track so the race could run as scheduled.

A couple of things to be attuned to:
  • 3:36 mark - Soon-to-be NASCAR Hall of Famer Cale Yarborough in his limited time in USAC's Indy cars
  • 6:39 mark - Jim Hurtubise's Miller High Life Mallard
  • Legendary NASCAR announcer and Vermont short-track owner, Ken Squire, on the race call
  • And most of all, Schaefer sponsorship, signage, and consumption.

With Tuesday's announcement that Best Buy will leave the Richard Petty Motorsports #43 car, I'm convinced more than ever the King should pursue Schaefer as his sponsor.

Special thanks to Petty message board poster Stimlad for this requested fictional
I've already got the TV tagline for victory lane:

This is the one race to win when you're winning more than one!

Edited: 2013-05-28

Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Years - Surely You Jest

Seriously? Three years ago? Yep, December 19, 2008 was the inaugural posting of this blog?

My co-blogger, banktruck, and I charted our own course and set our own pace. The vibe of the blog as the years have passed doesn't quite match the original intent. For years, we bantered (and still do) with each other via e-mail about our Monday, post-race opinions. After years of doing so, we thought the idea of writing a blog to let others in on our discussions, observations, and opinions made some sense and would be fun. The fun part has been there. However, I think the approach of chiming in on current racing issues or events may have happened perhaps twice in the last three years. Oh well.

Also, the idea of having two contributors was to have both of us ... well, contribute. As we've made laps, I've posted the lion's share of entries and BT's entries number ... hmm, uh, well ... less than mine. Several personal and professional life events have unfolded for BT that have minimized his posts - but that's OK too.

We thought about going off-theme and trade thoughts about topics such as hockey, faith or politics. Instead, readers have gotten entries about NASCAR in general, historical reflections about Richard Petty specifically and Three Degrees of Separation from him, and Schaefer beer schelebration stories.

Personally, this venue has been very gratifying for me thus far.
  • I've asked for and received blogging guidance from established writers such as syndicated NASCAR beat writer, Monte Dutton, and occasional contributor, Rick Houston. Friendships have evolved from that correspondence.
  • I've been invited not just once but twice to blog for a commercial site. While flattered, I've declined both invitations. With this blog, we blog what we want, when we want, and in whatever style we want. Thus far, I've been unwilling to commit to a defined number of words, to hit an established deadline, deliver a consistent style, etc. I have a day job - and this is my hobby/interest. Period.
  • Its been pretty interesting to see the metrics for the blog. Initially, single-digit view counts were reported. In 2011, views consistently hit triple-digit reads on entries. That number is nothing compared to big-time blogs. But to think anyone other than the threesome of Me, Myself or I give a rip about my thoughts is humbling.
  • The biggest challenge I've taken on for 2011-2012 is to post an entry for each of Richard Petty's 200 wins. This venue has enabled me to interact and develop friendships with other long-time Petty fans who have provided articles, photos, and memories.
As Year 4 begins, I truly thank anyone reading this post - whether it be from a Google search result, a link from a message board, a tweet, a passion for Schaefer beer, or a direct e-mail I've sent you. Thank. You.

Now cake shall be served! Schaefer anyone?

See you in 2012.

TMC and BT

Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12 - This day in Petty history

First things first: a Happy Birthday shout-out to my wife, notenoughcountry, who has zero interest in anything having to do with racing. But she married me anyway.

1971 - Richard Petty wins the Texas 500 at Texas World Speedway near College Station, TX to notch his 21st win of the season and 140th career victory. As the 1971 season concludes, the King also wins his third NASCAR Grand National championship title - tying him with Lee Petty and David Pearson. Teammate Buddy Baker finishes second in a white, #11 Petty Enterprises Dodge.

The race was originally scheduled for December 5; however, it was delayed one week because of a rain-out.

The inaugural Texas 500 was run in 1969. The event was not run in 1970, but NASCAR scheduled it again in 1971. I find it interesting and a bit amusing the track promoters chose to label the second event at the track as the 'First Annual'.

Source: Motor Racing Programme Covers
The race also featured an STP Pontiac - 11 years before Richard and Kyle Petty started driving STP Pontiacs. This one was driven by David Pearson and owned by Ray Nichels.

Below is a photo of the starting line-up with former Petty Enterprises driver Pete Hamilton on the pole and 1973 Winston Cup champion Benny Parsons on the outside of the front row. Petty cars occupy the second row with Richard on the inside and Buddy Baker starting fourth.

The following picture and article are included courtesy of Jerry Bushmire.