Thursday, August 27, 2009

Schaefer HOF Street Team

The Schaefer Hall of Famers are alive and well. They've represented the brand, our race tradition, and HOF responsibilities exceptionally well the last couple of Cup races.

First, UDR scored some Schaef in Cleveland and shared it with his brethren at the race at the CARFAX 400 at Michigan.

Last weekend, another HOF'er - Rookie - lived way large and left the yard with the Bristol Grand Slam. He attended the modified, trucks, Nationwide, and Sharpie 500 Cup races. Enough large living - including with Schaefer - to kill most grown men.

All this Schaefer sharing once again affirms our HOF commitment to take it to the streets baybay.

Now its my turn. I'm headed to San Diego Sunday. Unfortunately, I will not be attending a race - unless those docksider-wearing yacht cap'ns drink Schaefer. Then maybe I'll go racing with them!

Based on distributor information available at Schaefer's website, the beer isn't available in Cali - at all. So smuggled in my suitcase will be a sixer to share with a friend who's never had the pleasure of drinking one.


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