Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Hey My My, Schaefer Beer Will Never Die

What? Richard Petty Motorsports is in dire straits? The King is between a rock and a hard place...again?

Aren't you concerned TMC? Stressed? Anxious? Beside yourself?

Well, maybe I am a bit. But any anxiety I may have can wait another day to be blogged - because I found THIS today. A rowdy Texas party band covering Neil Young's rock anthem staple: Hey Hey, My My.

In digging around a bit, I learned the song is by a band named Loco Gringos. According to their still-standing MySpace page, they were a punk-drunk-rock band from Dallas many years ago. Having gone separate ways, they apparently reunited a couple of years ago and are back for more.

From the songs I listened to, it seems to me they could have been channeling The Beat Farmers a bit. Also, I saw they were influenced by another one of my favorites from the late 80s, The Hickoids. (I had the cassette of one of their thrashing but hilarious releases: We're Only In It For The Corn.)

I found this 2007 photo of the Loco Gringo guitarist's axe that says it all...

You can still purchase their self-titled CD with intriguing song titles such as:
  • Fruit Fly
  • Ain't No Corndogs
  • Hug a Jug
  • Nurture My Pig
Sadly, the Schaefer track doesn't seem to be included on the CD.

Maybe the Schaefer Racing Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor should hire the band for the 20th Annual Schaefer Racing Schelebration in 2011. Wonder if they'd accept a 30 box as payment? Hmm...


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