Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-race Checklist

With 2011 being the 20th Annual Schaefer Schelebration Schindig, its incumbent upon the Schaefer Hall of Fame to step up and make sure we've got everything packed and ready to go. For my part, once I leave the Volunteer State Friday and head for Charlotte, there will be no turning back. So let's see. Have I got it all?

Schaefer tray for serving snacks - check

Schaefer bucket for cold beer photo-ops, tips, donations for disabled kids ... old people ... veterans ... starving folks in third world countries ... TMC gas money - check

Schaefer koozie - check

Picture of Wendell Scott enjoying a Schaefer - check

Schaefer banner for Uncle D. - check

Schaefer sign - check

Schaefer car - check

Let's see, is that it? Oh, wait! Can't forget about these.

Schaefer lanyard to hold race ticket and open beer bottles - check

Schaefer decals to award to all who choose to participate in Schaefapalooza - check

Rendering of Joe Ruttman's Schaefer-sponsored Pontiac from 1989 Daytona 500 - check

Use courtesy of 'cerealisamazing' from Sim Racing Design
Fantastic work!

And an autographed photo of the real car - check

Schaefer inflatable can - check

Schaefer Hall of Fame shirt and custom-made hat - check

Schaefer buttons (new for 2011) - check

iPod ... with Schaefer jingle theme song on the playlist - check

OK, I'm good. Out. Go.


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