Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 1960 - Lee Petty Wins Weaverville

April 24, 1960: Lee Petty wins a shortened race at Asheville-Weaverville Speedway in NC to pocket his 50th career NASCAR Grand National victory. 

He won by a full lap over second place Joe Lee Johnson. Richard Petty finished ninth. Junior Johnson won the pole but broke a tie rod and finished deep in the field. He raced the Wood Brothers #21 Ford for the fourth of four times in his career.

Perry Allen Wood writes in his book, Silent Speedways of the Carolinas:
Sunday, April 24, 1960, and spring was bustin' out all over. Unfortunately, so was the asphalt at A-W. Twenty stockers pounded the pavement that afternoon as Jack Smith's Bud Moore Pontiac slipped by the front row teammates Junior Johnson and Glen Wood in Wood Brothers' Fords. As the track started coming apart, Smith's oil pan was punctured, and he was gone at lap 35, having led them all. ... Banjo [Matthews] took over, then [Bob] Welborn, until the red flag flew. Crews tried to patch the holes by filling them with the asphalt that had come loose. Lee Petty promptly took the lead when the green waved, only to have the event called 104 laps later, 33 short of the scheduled distance. Joe Lee Johnson was second and stayed there despite his beef that he won. ~ p. 222 
Source: Spartanburg Herald via Google News Archive

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  1. Every time there's a recount, Petty always comes out on top. I've never read an account where the winner is challenged and Lee Petty doesn't take the honors. It makes me wonder if his scorer knew how to bend the rules as well as the owner did.