Friday, December 19, 2008

In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was plant life - a lot of it. Then it decayed. Then it underwent pressure - a lot of it. Eventually we got oil - a lot of that too. And then someone figured out how to find it, get it out of the ground, and refine it into gasoline. Once you had gas, you needed something to put it in. So some poor sap invented the car, and likely some rich guy stole the idea and made himself even richer. Then someone built the second car. And boom - just like that - the need for racing was invented.

Welcome. For the most part, I've got a feeling I may be one of only two folks reading this blog for a while. But we'll see. Two of us - BankTruck being the other - hope to offer our 2 cents on the world of NASCAR. You likely only offered us a penny for our thoughts. Feel free to keep the change.

Sometimes we'll be right. Mostly we'll be wrong. Sometimes we'll be original. Occassionally, we'll create fictional race scenarios just to entertain ourselves. Believe us - Jayski will not be posting our ideas. Often we'll just borrow ideas, videos, photos, links, etc. from others. (We'll do our best to give props where appropriate.) Our observations and 50 cents...ummm...$4 will get you a cup of coffee.

NASCAR stuff will be front and center. But hockey will always be nearby as will general observations about topics as varied as politics, Christianity, news of the weird, etc.

Let us hear from you so we don't have to be the only ones to chime in on the other.

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  1. Nice place PC... I have saved it to my favorites and will check in often.... Greggo