Monday, December 22, 2008

Michael Waltrip...SUPERSTAR!

I've been wearing out Google, Firefox, Photobucket, and my hard drive today looking for and saving racing photos of all kinds. I stumbled across this one of Michael Waltrip with Kyle Petty from February 2008 while searching for some Kyle photos.

Michael's struggles - both as a driver and car owner - in his long career have been well documented elsewhere. Yet he still continues as a fan favorite, and sponsors keep throwing money at him like Pacman Jones making it rain in Club Minxx.

Surely to goodness, Mikey knows he is just not in the same league - driver-wise, owner-wise, or bidness-man-wise as the upper crust of the sport. Some TV interviews lead me to believe he may just well be humble enough to know it. All too often, however, he also leads me to believe he thinks he really is a superstar. If so, perhaps he was parroting Molly Shannon's infamous SNL character.

The more I think about it, Mikey and Mary Katherine Gallagher have more in common with their tendency to crash into "safer barriers" than I originally thought. Watch & compare this one... this one (FF to 4:30).

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