Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Coke 600 - Getting the itch

One month from tonight - May 30, 2010 - the green flag will unfurl on the 2010 Coca-Cola 600 at the re-renamed:

I realize most folks caved and for many years called the track by its now-gone hardware store name. But for me, its always been just "Charlotte".

If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be at the 600 for the fifth time in six years. It'll be my seventh 600 and my ninth Charlotte race overall with visits to the fall race in 1992 and 1993.

My first 600 was in 1994 when Jeff Gordon won his first career Cup race. Look at about the 2:17 mark. Right in the center of the picture. Did you see me? I was the one booing.

For my first two or three 600s, my friend and I didn't get to do much tailgating. Oh, we had the celebratory Schaefer - no question. But we didn't take the time to do the full set-up.

That all changed about five years for me. We hooked up with a great crowd of folks from all over the place. Though I barely know any of them and only see them once per year, we always easily fall right back into having a great time.

So what do our plans look like? Maybe a bit like this:


Listening to NASCAR stories and some purty-good original songs by syndicated NASCAR writer, Monte Dutton...

Nationwide race after lunch...

After the Nationwide race when the sun goes down? Well, Charlotte isn't Vegas. But in this case, what happens at the track will stay at the track.


Super-competitive, no-holds-barred, knock-down-drag-out, steel-cage-match cornhole tournament...

Indy 500 on tailgating TV (just happened to think...when Danica falls out early ya reckon she'll make a beeline for Charlotte to see how the Cup guys git 'r done?)

Coca-Cola 600 Sprint Cup race...

The racing, story swapping, song singing, back slapping, and food eating are all critical elements of a top-shelf race weekend. And the reunion of the Schaefer Hall of Fame members is always a highlight of my visit. To complement all of the festivities, however, its a must-do to break out all the Schaefer swag including but not limited to...

Inflatable cans!

Schaefer koozies!

The race debut of the custom-painted, die-cast, Schaefer Buick of Al Loquasto built by the GaPettyFan!

The well-traveled, much-autographed, Schaefer ring of honor sign!

And the brew itself? Absolutely. Whadda have? Fully loaded? Or light on the calories?

And you better believe it'll be flowing freely. One of our HOFers has hit the jackpot in landing a Schaefer gold mine connection.

After cobbling this thing together, I'm jacked up and ready to roll! Can we head to the track right now?


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  1. Hopefully the Schaefer Crew will accept the invitation to attend next years Southern 500 in Darlington and Camp at the most glorious of all Parties You gotta see it to believe it. Thanks for the good times, Bryan and Sabrina.