Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Say I Love Really Thin Pancakes

After a weekend of mind-numbing coverage of middle Tennessee rains and flooding, I needed some lighter ways to pass the remaining hours. I found it on TBS last night - yet another airing of Talladega Nights. The movie has become TBS' 2010 version of 2009's Shawshank Redemption. Its on just about all the time now. In this case, however, the juvenile-humored, NASCAR-themed movie was just what I needed.

In watching it, however, one scene triggered a thought with me. Actually, it was the omission of part of it that made me take notice.

When we went to Vegas for the race in February, we went to IHOP twice for breakfast. I remember taking the picture below, but it then dawned on me last night I forgot to include it as part of the race re-cap blog. Sure enough, there it was - still sitting on my cell phone micro-SD card.

It immediately reminded me - then and again last night - of the great scene when Ricky Bobby first meets his new French rival. Sadly the bulk of this clip was scrapped for the TV version to squeeze in extra commercials for the George Lopez show.

Visual cues are a wonderful thing. Almost as wonderful as the line "Its dangerous and inconvenient. But I do love Fig Newtons."


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