Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Coca-Cola 600 Playlist

So Dover is over. And now only a meaningless average-star race next Saturday, a few days of work, and tempered excitement stands between a Charlotte race weekend and me.

Each year I compile an iPod playlist for the Charlotte race weekend tailgating crew. Perhaps somewhat like an artist with his canvas, I spent a bit of time trying to find the right tunes, how they're arranged, tweaking the MP3 volume levels, etc. OK, so comparing it a true artist may be a stretch, but I do put a good bit of effort into it.

Some songs seem to have tenure on the playlist. Their sequencing may change, but their presence is guaranteed. Others come and go - maybe a one and done while others make it a couple of visits before being shelved.

For a few years, I tried to make as many of the tracks race-related or... err, ahem, uh... "large time" related as possible. However, I've backed off that stance a little bit and just add ones I think folks will enjoy.

One principle I've stuck to is including a handful of artists that aren't familiar to folks. Aside from racing, the hobby I may enjoy most is finding new artists and songs. Whether the singer/band is brand new or one who I'm late in finding doesn't matter. So a fun thing for me to do is then share them with our race crew.

Here's what I've got at the moment - with a handful of links to YouTube vids or song samples:
  1. Schaefer Beer theme song *
  2. Thunderstruck - AC/DC *
  3. Go Faster - Black Crowes *
  4. The Talladega Song - Tim Wilson (YT)
  5. Pocono Joe - Mark Miklos # (song sample)
  6. NASCAR Superstar - Haven Quint (song)
  7. Cold Beer - Colt Ford # (YT)
  8. Tide & Skittles - Tim Wilson *
  9. White Liar - Miranda Lambert #
  10. Drunk All Around This Town - Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
  11. Time To Switch To Whiskey - Corb Lund (YT)
  12. Barlight - Charlie Robinson
  13. Bar Exam - The Derailers # (YT)
  14. Whole Lotta Liquor To Like Her - Pete Schlegel (YT)
  15. I Came To Drink - Chance # (YT)
  16. Jeff Gordon's Gay - Tim Wilson *
  17. Indianapolis - The Bottle Rockets # (YT)
  18. One Bud Wiser - John Rich
  19. Drunken Poet's Dream - Hayes Carll
  20. Talladega Shuffle - The Backstretch Boys
  21. You Wreck Me - Tom Petty *
  22. All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards - Corb Lund
  23. Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer - Johnny Russell # (YT)
  24. Chicks Dig It - Chris Cagle
  25. Boom - P.O.D.
  26. The Ward Burton Train - Tim Wilson
  27. Sweet Lady Vegas - Hair Of The Dog #
  28. Oh Atlanta - Little Feat #
  29. Richard Petty Blues - Al Tackett
  30. I Love NASCAR - Cledus T. Judd *
  31. Darlington - Ron Pestana
  32. The Girl With The Biggest Hair And The Longest Nails - Red Meat # (YT)
  33. Dale Jarrett's Car - Tim Wilson
  34. Earnhardt - Tim Wilson *
  35. Under The Wrench - Red Meat
  36. Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow
  37. Dale Darrell Waltrip Richard Petty etc. - Tim Wilson
* Permanent playlisted tracks
# Rookie tracks for 2010

Any other suggestions?


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