Monday, February 9, 2009

Bud Shootout: What if...

What would have happened if Joey Logano had won the Bud Shootout? Would he have been allowed in victory lane since he's under 21? Would he have been required to spray a can of Busch NA instead? (I wonder if A-B even still makes that crap.)

What if a race was held where Mikey, Paul Menard, AND Robby Gordon didn't all wreck? Would the world stop spinning on its axis right then and there?

What if Greg Biffle was the only car on the track at Daytona or Dega? Would he still get collected in 3 wrecks not of his own doing?

What if the Miller Lite car won the Bud Shootout? Wait...that's actually been done. Rusty Wallace did it. And Bill Elliott won a Busch Clash in a Coors Ford. Never mind.

What if A.J. Allmendinger's #44 retro Valvoline car had won? Would Kyle Petty have been found in victory lane?

What if the NASCAR brass allowed members of the media to do their job and cover the sport openly, objectively, candidly, and yes sometimes critically?

What if Jeff Hammond just shut up and quit pretending he is someone he isn't?

What if DW and Larry Mc quit stroking Hollywood's ego and realize they just encourage him to pretend he is someone he isn't?

What if Neil Bonnett were still with us doing race/color analysis?

What if one or more of these single-car teams who purchased blue-light special COTs from a Cup team yard sale actually finishes well?

What if Hall of Fame's sponsorship check clears? Would it be the first dot com tech sponsor to actually pay for its NASCAR marketing?


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