Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recession hits Bristol...or is it disinterest?

We all know about the economic tough times overall, sponsorship woes and team mergers in NASCAR, and declining TV ratings. The one certainty I thought we had - the one thing that was as guaranteed as the sun rising in the east tomorrow morning - was a sellout for the Bristol August night race.

But then I saw this ad on Jayski this morning.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Are folks truly giving up their tickets because of ticket and travel costs? Or has the combination of the COT, dominance by the mega-teams, dislike of Kyle Busch, free-falling descent of Dale Jr., etc. finally reached the point where folks have said "enough" - even to the point of giving up on the slam-bang affair of the night race?


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  1. Late comment but during the NH race they had 2 commercials about Bristol night race tix still avail. Its the same gig as the empty seats everywhere, people cutting back on discretionary spending. No need for panic.