Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smoke or Junebug- Where is Junior Nation going?

Remember what I said almost 2 weeks ago?
"Sproingggg - I'm pretty sure that's the sound we'll hear as former Dale Jr. 'fans' start bouncing off his bandwagon and onto the Smokestack."
This week Ed Hinton from ESPN. com had this to say about the surge in Smoke's popularity.

"There is muffled glee inside the Tony Stewart camp. It's about more than his being the first owner/driver to lead the points in 17 years and the first to win a race in 11...It's pride about a significant undercurrent in NASCAR: merchandising -- "souvenir sales," in NASCAR business-speak...In it, Stewart has pulled alongside and is challenging Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has dominated this race since his father died...By some measures, Stewart is actually ahead by a bumper."

Told ya so...


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