Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kyle Petty: Favorite Racing Movies

Kyle Petty mentions his top 2 favorite racing movies of all time. While I agree with his top two choices, I think I'd swap them around as my #1 and #2 faves.

Kyle mentions the Steve McQueen 1971 movie - LeMans. I'll admit it should at least get honorable mention if for nothing else than a great movie line - from all movies and not just racing ones:

When you're racing, it's life. Anything that happens before or after... is just waiting.

Best thing about Kyle's recap? No votes for Tom Cruise! Not even a mention! In that regard, KP and I are in unanimous agreement.

And is it any wonder DOT isn't the top racing movie when this scene represents its signature moment.

When it comes to gut-busting comedy combined with cheek-clenching drama, can there be any doubt as to the top racing movie of all time? Perhaps if the studio had chosen to submit this classic scene to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, we may have had a different across-the-board winner at the 1984 Oscars than Amadeus.

I ought to post "what is your favorite racing movie?" as a poll question.

Wait...I already did that - didn't I? Hmm, can't remember who won though.


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