Monday, July 13, 2009

Schaefer Tradition - Columbus Ohio Chapter

For many years, Uncle D. has been a trusty sober driver, a fabulous tailgating chef (try his trackside grilled pizzas or his brats - he's more than just a 'cook'), a passionate and committed fan of all forms of motorsports, and a great friend.

In May at the World 600 weekend, the esteemed Uncle D. was unanimously voted into the highly-exclusive Schaefer Race Weekend Hall of Fame. The Honorable Reverend Randy presided over the ceremony to move Uncle D. from the Ring of Honor to the Hall of Fame.

Uncle D. hasn't let this honor go to this head. Quite the opposite. He has taken the Schaefer message to the people. Last weekend, he evangelized several folks at the Goodguys custom auto show in Columbus, Ohio in the merits of Schaefer.

Atta boy Uncle D. Consider your annual HOF dues waived for 2009-2010.

Hail to Uncle D! Hail to Schaefer!


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