Saturday, September 5, 2009 shout out

Writer Rick Houston is owner, operator, chief contributor, and janitor at Stock Car History Online. He's also an author - writing a book about the Busch Grand National Series (later known simply as Busch Series and today as Nationwide series). Perhaps he's most famous 'round these parts for helping a friend of mine and me land the elusive picture of the Al Loquasto-driven, D.K. Ulrich-owned, Schaefer Beer-sponsored Buick.

Today, he authored an article for spotlighting a local business focused on customer service and one that sees an uptick when the NASCAR teams, media, and fans hit town. Only he didn't cover just any business. He spotlighted McIntosh Bank in McDonough, GA - the bank where my friend is a vice president and commercial loan officer.

Rick highlighted the bank and Ron's business and customer focus, and he also gave a shout out to Ron as a long-time race fan, a race car model builder, and even our search for the Loquasto-Schaefer car. Heck, even little ol' TMC got a mention!

Purty kewl if you ask me.


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