Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carl Long suspended

Part-time, underfunded, journeyman driver Carl Long was busted by NASCAR for having an oversized engine in the all-star hooligan race last weekend. NASCAR successfully killed a fly with a sledgehammer by laying down the following penalties:
  • A 12 race suspension - even though Carl hasn't entered a Cup points paying event since 2006
  • A 200 point fine - hmmm, I guess Carl won't make the Chase now. A real shame - he was sooooo close.
  • A $200,000 fine - NASA just begin recycling urine into water. Maybe they can help NASCAR figure out how to get blood out of Carl's turnip.
NASCAR's legacy has always been to bust the little guy and then use his carcass as a message to the big guys. They put on a big display to the media saying "see this? we're not afraid to flog anyone else". In reality, we all know a blind eye is turned to infractions amongst the heavily funded teams who put butts in seats and t-shirts on backs.

Am I the only one who finds humor in NASCAR's busting a guy named Long for being oversized? I hope while Carl Long is benched he successfully lands Enzyte as a sponsor for a future race.

I bet NASCAR's inaugural rookie of the year from 1959 - Shorty Rollins - was never busted for such an infraction.


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