Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Tweat or not to Tweat...

...that is the question I ask of theet.

I don't really get Twitter. But admittedly, I haven't tried it. I didn't think I'd like blogging, yet here I am. But I'm thinking about giving Twitter a trial run.

I'm going to Charlotte Memorial Day weekend for the 300/600 race combo. I'm thinking about taking my laptop with a Verizon wireless card and twittering over the 2 days from the track and any shop tours we might take.

Sitting here in an air conditioned office with that idea sounds plausible. But once I get there - in the sunlight - with Schaefer flowing freely - well, I'm not so sure I'd get into it after all. I'm not a Blackberry or iPhone guy yet. If I was, the decision might be easier to make because I wouldn't be fooling around with a laptop wondering about the glare from the sun or whether someone might poach it from my truck.

Any thoughts? Comment and/or answer the poll question.



  1. By all means tweet! As long as you include me--but that means I have to figure out what to do. Hmmm...


  2. Last line shoulda been GPF-oops!