Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schaefer nectar - Race weekend can proceed!

Three cheers for the Wedgehill Market in Nashville, TN! I learned today from a Nashville beer distributor that the market is one of nine remaining establishments in my area still selling Schaefer.

One of those places is The 5 Spot, an East Nashville bar - so that doesn't count when you need to buy multiple cans to go. Two of the places are in an adjacent county - but too far away for me for them to be practical. One of the places was a grocery store where I went Wednesday only to discover they were sold out. So of the remaining places, I started with Wedgehill.

I was relieved when I saw multiple 12 packs sandwiched neatly into the chiller. Right where they ought to be. Next to the malt liquor and surrounded by Mexican beers. Somehow Miller Lite tried to shoehorn its way into this distinguishes club. Fortunately, I rescued a case of Schaefer for its rendevouz with destiny and took it away from that khaki chino and light blue oxford buttondown Lite.

A nice Asian man ran the register. I told him his store made my day and weekend because he had the Schaef. I don't think he really understood. All he knew was how to ring my transaction. Before leaving, I told him he might sell another 12 pack before the day was done.

After leaving, I phoned a friend who was also looking for Schaefer to do a remote- celebration with us on Saturday. We'll be in Charlotte, but he plans a Schaefer Sah-LOOT from middle Tennessee. Sure nuff, he went by the store about an hour after I did to buy his supply.

I don't speak or write any Asian languages. Any attempt I could make to pronounce any of them would likely come across as too stereotyped and reminescient of the "ancient Chinese secret" phrase from the 1970s Calgon detergent commericals.

But apparently, he asked my friend "whaa evrybahdy want Schaeferbeer today?"

So I've got my Schaef, the truck is packed, and we'll be on the road early Friday. Just hoping I didn't get any sort of communicable disease in the Wedgefield Market.

As an aside, the market is truly and ideally situated as illustated by Google Maps street view.

Street view of the Market:

Suitably across from the now-closed White Trash Cafe

And just below the back gate of the famed Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway - where I cut my teeth on my racing interests. How appropriate I should return to the roots of my racing to get our 2009 racing elixir.



  1. I've GOT to do a picture at the White Trash Cafe!

  2. you should have shopped around for a better price. that 7.39 for 12 will really set you back on a race weekend