Saturday, June 12, 2010

Newest SHOFer Bringing It Strong

As previously blogged, Cuba is the most recent inductee into the Schaefer Racing Hall of Fame. Rather than rest on his laurels, he went right to work as a Schaefer ambassador.

I received an e-mail from him Friday saying "Wow, only two cases left!! Must be top selling beer!!" along with the following photo.

With recent experiences of seeing Schaefer sellers dwindle and having never seen a 30-box of Schaef, I responded immediately GET 'EM!

He sent another e-mail a few moments later stating simply "Mission Accomplished".

He purchased them in Baltimore, MD. So all you blue-crab eating, Orioles-sympathizing, Ray Lewis-supporting, beer-drinking folks -here's your chance to make a difference. Let me know specific names and addresses of retailers in your area where Schaefer is sold, and I'll add them to the Schaefer Sellers map linked on this blog.

I'll be in Baltimore myself in September, and I plan to be on the lookout for some of my own.

The Schaefer Hall of Fame Schae-loots you Cuba for your outstanding efforts!


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  1. Muggsy's Mug House in Federal Hill a short walk to Camden Yards sells Schaefer's as well as Schlitz Stroh's Pabt's High Life and of course Natty Boh its a fun bar and well worth a visit if you are in town definitely stop by